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Disease does not strike only the privileged. Therefore quality healthcare must be every citizen’s birth right. In association with our hospital, we endeavor to provide this care to those who need it by raising funds for them through our activities.



It is our goal to financially support deserving individuals aspiring to pursue higher education in the medical field or any other. Our program like PANORAMA is dedicated to the excellence in standards of acute clinical care by providing medical education for postgraduate and fellowship trainees.

Health Education

Health Education

It is the fundamental link to improving the standards of health and living in every community. By creating awareness about common diseases and disorders that affect humanity and equipping people with the knowledge to address them and more importantly learn ways and means to prevent them we hope to create healthy communities.


Stories DONORS

Corporate Donors

1 ValuePoint Systems Pvt Ltd. Rs. 25 Lakhs

2 Kennametal India Pvt Ltd. ICU on wheels Ambulance (Worth Rs. 22 Lakhs) 

3 Laj Exports (Rs. 3.5 Lakhs)

4 PeopleTree Foundation Inc USA (Rs. 2.5 Lakhs)

5 JMJ Healthcare (Rs. 1 Lakh)

6 Rupashree Enterprises (Rs.1 Lakh)


Individual Donors (Rs.1 Lakh & above)

Mr A S Karanth  (Rs. 1 Lakh)

Mrs. Susheela Devi (Rs.5 Lakhs)

Mrs. Supriya Sridharan (Rs. 4 Lakhs)

Dr. Chandrasekar & Dr. Supraja (Rs. 8 Lakhs)

Mr. Krishna Mohan (Rs. 2.5 Lakhs)

Dr. Adi & Dr. Laxmi (Rs. 2.25 Lakh)

Mr. S Rajendra Prasad (Rs. 2 Lakhs)

Dr. Anand & Sri Laxminarsimhachar(Rs. 1.65 Lakhs)

Dr. Upendra & Dr. Jothi (Rs. 1.75 Lakh)

Mrs. Sugathri Naidu ( Rs. 1.5 Lakhs.)

Mr. RavishankarN  (rs. 1.5 Lakhs)

Dr. Narayan (Rs. 1.2 Lakhs)

Mr. Sridhar Raman (Rs. 1Lakh) 

Dr. S R Lakshmi (Rs. 1Lakh)

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